This video will explain how to create and edit a Driver. To create a “Driver”,  go to the Driver column and click the “+ (add)” button. In the “Title” box, enter the Driver name and in the “Description” box, enter the Driver description.

Text must be entered in both boxes in order to save the Driver. Once done, click the “Save” icon. 

Repeat this for all the Drivers that are needed for this Strategic Initiative. 

To edit a Driver, click the “Edit” icon next to the Driver name. Make the necessary changes, and click the “Save” icon when finished. You can always come back to this page to edit or add a Driver at any time.

To delete a Driver, click the“Edit” icon next to the Driver name. Inside is a “Trash Can” icon. Clicking this will delete the Driver. It's important to note that if any Pillar is already associated with this Driver, the Pillars must first be unassociated in order to delete the Driver. Also important to note is that if the Assessment is already created, the Driver will no longer be able to be deleted. 

To remove the Driver from the Strategic Initiative, it can be made “Inactive”. Toggle over to “Inactive” and click the “Save” icon. The Driver will now appear in the “Inactive Drivers” list at the  bottom of the Driver column. To add the Driver back as “Active”, click the “Edit” icon. Toggle back to “Active” and click the “Save” icon. The Driver will now appear back in the “Active Drivers” list.

The order in which the Drivers appear on this page is how they will appear throughout the assessment. To change the order, click on a Driver and hold. Drag it to the desired place on the list and leg go of the mouse button. 

Please note that all Drivers must be associated with at least one Pillar in order to create or edit the Assessment. See video for “Associating Pillars and Drivers” for explanation.