The “Questions” section is where to create all the questions associated with each Driver for this Assessment. At the top of the page is where to choose the “Desired Length of Time for the Assessment Participants to Complete the Assessment”. 

Under that is the “Estimated Time to Complete the Assessment”. Each question that is created has a preset estimated time. Since the default questions get created when each Driver is created, the estimated time that first appears is the total estimated time for all default questions. If additional sub questions are created, the estimated time for those will get added to this total. If at any point the “Total Estimated Time” is longer than the “Desired Length of Time”, the estimated time will turn red to notify you. 

In the left column is the list of Drivers that have been created for this Assessment. 

Each Driver can be expanded by clicking the “Arrow” icon to the right of the Driver Name. The expanded Driver will display all the information about that Driver as a reference when creating the questions. 

In the right column is a list of all “Driver Questions”. Each Driver has three default question types that must be in the Assessment. To view these question types, click the “Arrow” icon to the right of the Driver Name.