The third question type that can be created for a Driver is a “Free Text Question”. A “Free Text Question Type” asks the assessment participants to type their answer in a comment box. To add a free text question, select “Free Text” from the dropdown list and click the “+ Add Question” button. 

The first text box is where to enter the name for this question. This name will not appear with the question in the Assessment. It will be used to help organize and keep track of the sub questions on this page and when viewing the Assessment results. 

The second box is where to enter the question.

When the question is entered, click the “Save” icon. 

Now that the question has been created, there is one more decision to make. Below the example of the comment box is a checkbox for “Make Anonymous”. has preselected “Make Anonymous”. We strongly suggest that you keep the question anonymous as that will ensure better and more accurate data. To make changes, check or uncheck the box.

Below that, for reference, is a list of the Pillars and Drivers that are associated with this question. Under that is the “Historical Data” for this question and the “Average Response Time” for this question.