The “Live Preview” page is a preview of the whole Assessment process from start to finish. This is all simulated data to help with internal feedback and approvals before it goes live. In order to view” Live Preview”, a “Voting Focus” must be selected from the “Schedule and Voting” page. 

At the top of the “Live Preview” is a box for “Approve All”. Once all the final feedback and approvals are in, this box must be checked in order to be able to “Confirm and Launch”. This is where we timestamp the initial approval, but please keep in mind that even when this box is checked changes to the Assessment can still be made if necessary. 

There are four parts to the “Live Preview” page. 

“Sections” is where to view what the “Questions” part of the Assessment will look like for the assessment participants. Each “Section” shows up to 10 questions so the number of sections shown here will depend on how many questions are in the Assessment. 

“Voting” displays what the voting part of the Assessment will look like for all assessment participants.

“Publish Vote” is a stimulation of the data that the stakeholders will see in order to review and publish the votes.

And “Results” is a simulation of data that all assessment participants and stakeholders will see once the votes have been published.