The “Voting” section displays what the voting part of the Assessment will look like for all assessment participants. The grades displayed here are simulated data to help give a clear picture of what the real voting section will look like. 

The “ Your Assessment Grades” section is where the assessment participants can review their grades and raise their hands to become change agents for the Drivers. Assessment participants can click on any Driver to get more details to help them decide what Drivers they want to be involved in. Shown in the details is the grade that they gave the Driver, the “Driver Description”, the “A - F Question” associated with the Driver, and the grade and comment that they entered in the “Questions” part of the Assessment for this Driver. It's important to note that if an assessment participant checks that they want to be involved in this Driver, this is the only answer in the Assessment that is not anonymous. If they enter text to share their “Ideas”, that will stay anonymous

The assessment participants can choose none up through all of the Drivers to be involved in. 

The second part of “Voting” is where “It's time to vote”. The assessment participants vote for the three Drivers they believe are the most important for the company to focus on. 

The “Voting Focus Name” and “Description” will appear here. In this example, one pillar has been chosen as the “Voting Focus”. 

So the Drivers that the assessment participants can choose from are only drivers that are associated with this particular Pillar. 

If the whole Strategic Initiative was chosen as the “Voting Focus”, the “Strategic Initiative Name” and “Description” would appear here, and the Drivers in the dropdown list would be the Drivers associated with the whole Strategic Initiative.

An assessment participant must vote for three drivers in order to complete the assessment.