The last section of the “Publish Vote” page is where the stakeholders can review “’s Suggestion”s. In the actual assessment, Admins who have the permission to “publish the vote” will select the three Drivers from this section. 

The “Voting Focus Name” and “Description” will be displayed here. In this example, one Pillar has been chosen as the “Voting Focus”, so the Drivers that are available to be published are only Drivers that are associated with this Pillar.

If the whole Strategic Initiative was selected as the “Voting Focus”, the “Strategic Initiative Name” and “Description” would display here and all the Drivers in the whole Strategic Initiative would appear on the dropdown lists. 

Use the “Sort by” dropdown list to sort and review the Drivers by “Votes”, “Grades”, and “Involvement”. 

If “Votes” is chosen, the Driver will be displayed with the “Voted Driver” that has the highest percent to the lowest percent. They can also be viewed from lowest to highest. 

The whole list of Drivers can be viewed with the percent voted by clicking the dropdown arrows in each box. 

Repeat this to view by “Grades” and “Involvement”.